Monday, January 5, 2009

This is how much I suffer

For weeks I have been struggling with this decision - Should I take Yoga, swimming, or weight lifting this semester?
I signed up for all three of these as soon as I could register in October. As a graduate student, I can sign up for classes before anybody else on campus can. I don't really understand the need for this because there is not really that much demand for graduate courses. You have to be a graduate student in the department (whatever department it may be) to even sign up for the graduate courses offered. So anyway, as a Graduate Assistant, I am required to take twelve credit hours each semester (nine is full time) but graduate students can take up to fifteen hours without applying for an overload waiver. To me that means that I can take one free course (okay, technically the University pays for all my courses as a GA, but you know what I mean). This is where the phys. ed. classes that I signed up for come in. I only have room in my schedule for one of them but these classes always fill up so I signed up for three so that I could have some options. I wanted to see what materials were going to be required, would there be a fee, and how any of these classes fit with my schedule.
Honestly, this has been a tough decision for me to make because I would be happy to take all of them.

The pros of each class:
  • Yoga: I just got done with a Yoga class and I own the book already.
  • Weight Lifting: Let's just say that I get along just fine with the free weights. Of the three options, this would be my favorite.
  • Swimming: This poses the least amount of possible conflict with the other courses that I actually need to take. Also, I really dig any activity that can (justifiably) be done almost naked. (And trust me, I am really good at justifying.)

The cons:

  • Y: While I really enjoy Yoga, this class has the most inconvenient schedule of these three.
  • WL: Not as problematic as the Yoga class, but still not an ideal schedule. Also, I would have to buy two books. What class is this?
  • S: This has the best schedule, but I have not spent serious time swimming in years. I won medals on a swim team as a kid (not that many, but still...) but I have not done much lap swimming since then. This class seems like the most daunting of the three possibilities because it is not something that I am already in at least half way decent shape for. But did I mention that it has the best schedule?

So what would you do in my place?




  1. Go for swimming! I love swimming and it will be a weekly break from winter. MOM

  2. I'm taking SCUBA! After 2 semesters of yoga, I'm ready for a change :)

  3. I'd find a fourth possibility. don;t they have fencing or something cool like that?