Saturday, January 17, 2009

Four day forecast

Well, these might not be my plans alone:
  • Saturday: homework.
  • Sunday: the most important event Sunday is the Cardinals game. You didn't know that Arizona has a professional football team, did you? Well, it is something the state has only very recently acquired. Hopefully this new franchise stays there for a while instead of going back to its regular comedy routine.
  • Monday: another holiday (and you thought all that was over) - Martin Luther King, Jr Day.
  • Tuesday: The Obama Inauguration. If it is an indication of the changes that we all voted for we may have some dark days ahead (no pun intended): Obama's Inauguration will be making history in more than one way - it will be the most expensive ever. It is worth noting however that this does at least follow recent history. For example, this from four years ago: With an estimated price tag of $40m, the three-day celebration that is President Bush's second inauguration will be the most expensive ever. Way to make a change! In case you are making assumptions about my political leanings with this little rant, you are probably wrong. That said, i really don't like this sort of D.C. decadence while the rest of us are all having to tighten our belts.

Go Cardinals!

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