Friday, January 9, 2009

Becky's New Hair

Okay, sorry for the little dry spell. I know that I owe a few posts that I have mentioned in here and I promise that they are already in the works in my drafts. I just wanted to follow up on two blog posts that Becky made on her blog. Her first post is "Great Stylist" and her second post is "My Hair." Feel free to check both of those out, the first tells how I cut her hair and the second has some pictures of the haircut. As I wrote in the comments on her blog - I was super nervous and shaking. But to save the money that she spends on a haircut, I figured that I would go forward with it. It is not the first time that ever cut hair (I cut my own hair and I have cut my brothers' and Dad's hair in the past as well as several room mates) but it is the first girl's haircut I have ever done. I was super nervous but she has received tons of praise.

She wants it shorter but i really like it right now. I will post again if I change it. I am going to copy the images that she put on her blog and below I will put the pictures (all of hot Pink) that I used as the inspiration for the haircut. (She let me cut it AND let me find the pictures to inspire the cut).

Her haircut (I took the photos really early this morning. I know that you were thinking they were professionally done... ;)

And my inspiration for her haircut:

Do you like the do?
I do.


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