Thursday, January 22, 2009

Technical difficulties

I somehow lost the first entry in my "Running Journal," the one that said it was for Tuesday and Wednesday. I was using Microsoft Word to post the journal entries and somehow when I posted the new entry it replaced the previous entry. It is lost to me completely. I don't know if there is anybody out there who gets an RSS feed of my blog that might be able to help me out (actually I know that there are 8 people who subscribe to my blog feed - thanks to Google Reader). If you do get a feed of this it is possible that your feed saved both versions. It is also possible that it didn't. Anyway, if you still have a copy of the first Running Journal entry, can you send it to me either in my email if you have that or in the comments? It might be better if you can check that before refreshing the feed or doing a send/receive.
I hope that I am not asking too much. Really, I doubt that any of you have this but it would save me a little bit of work of trying to recreate the post (not for the blog's sake, but for the class' sake).

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