Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Another Resolution

I realize that I have been blogging a lot lately. I have been under a little stress and this is a great distraction. Also, just the act of writing helps me find some organization in my mind. I woke up this morning thinking that I have been too nostalgic and too philosophical lately. I have my reasons for that but I want to avoid that. I don't want to lose what I have in my life in the present because I focused too much energy on nostalgia or the past.
I love the past and I try hard to be grateful for it but I live in the present and living in the present is my new resolution. Memories are valuable; when we are old and most of our life is behind us, memories are all that will substantiate us. Unfortunately, so often what we remember and what is real are two different things and unless we actually stay in touch or at least keep tabs on other people we end up remembering something that only exists in the present like a dream. Memories can turn into labels; the problem with labels is that they tend to misrepresent everything that they are attached to by reducing dynamic, 3D, living, changing objects to what is on the label. How surprised are parents when they find out that their child's recalled toys are more than what is just on the labels? The same can happen in our dealings with people when those dealings are built on past realities and often misguided assumptions.
It is a much more sure path to live unassumingly in the present with neither the neglect that comes from procrastination nor the neglect that comes from always brooding over or memorializing what used to be. This is part of my reason for blogging, you see, I am terrible at staying in touch and this helps me feel a little more in touch some of the time.

So, what is going on now?
  • I went to the Grizzlies/Cavaliers game last night with my friend and roommate from my semester in Costa Rica, Gary. I had a really good time. My wife dropped me off and went shopping for a few hours and afterwards we couldn't find each other so I had to stand around outside for several very cold minutes but it all worked out in the end.
  • My son is sick. I took him to the doctor yesterday and then found myself rushing to get to some meetings that I had to be at for work so I left quite a bit of the stuff that I needed to take home. The doctor said that it is nothing serious and that he can still go to daycare this week.
  • I go back to school tomorrow. I am not really looking forward to it at all. Let me repeat that: not ... at all! I think that it has been causing me a little bit of stress. I start teaching at the University on Friday. I really need to look over some things to get more prepared.

Well, I need to go. I have a lot of work to do.



  1. writing is like free therapy.
    And you waited out in the cold? How cold was it exactly? Because today, here, it was 10 degrees and windy. THAT'S cold.

  2. I agree, living in the now is the only way to really experience life. Otherwise, we're living a self-made sham and miss the people & events directly under our noses.

    Good luck teaching. You'll do just fine. You're a teacher in everyday life (I don't mean that philosophically, I mean that's how your personality seems to work), so don't let "the classroom" create too much unneeded pressure!

  3. I enjoyed that post. It really struck a chord with how I feel a lot of times about living in the present while managing memories of my past.