Monday, January 26, 2009

Monday's Music

Today, we are going to travel. Don't worry, we are still sticking with English for now.
First, a question: How many of you are claustrophobic? I am not, but I imagine that it is a feeling like the world getting too small to live in. Sometimes in life things happen that make this planet smaller. When violence steals great beauty from the world it gets smaller. This happened in Pakistan in 2005 when Taliban militants destroyed many ancient Buddhist and Hindu statues. Something like this also happened in a way that touches us here a lot more personally - when John Lennon was gunned down in 1980 on his way home from the studio. There are many great artists in the world who make this planet easier to live on, but among artists John Lennon was part of a special class.
Less well known, but equally tragic is the case of Lucky Dube (pronounced Doobay). He was South Africa's best selling Reggae singer of all time. Contrary to the image that many people have of Reggae, he did not use drugs, drink, or smoke. His music is driven by a belief in peace and unity. In many of his songs, he sings about the need to work together, the need for education, above all he sings about love - in all of its forms.
Lucky Dube is his given name; it has no connection to marijuana. I read somewhere that he was not named for several months after he was born because his mother had suffered several unsuccessful pregnancies and thought that he would die as well. When he did not die in early infancy his mother named him Lucky. Lucky Dube was shot dead by carjackers in 2007 after taking some of his children to a relative's house. Senseless. And the whole world lost something good. If you are interested in hearing part of an interview by Lucky Dube, you can check it out HERE.

Love is the answer... so keep on playing those mind games together.
--John Lennon, Mind Games

"...yeah, we're playing those mind games forever.... faith in the future... out of the now"

Lucky Dube, I Want To Know What Love Is
I know that this is a cover, but couldn't find the video that I wanted to share (Sometimes I Cry), and I think that this captures his particular sound very well.

If you like this, listen to this as well: God Bless the Women.

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