Thursday, January 22, 2009

Running Journal, Thursday 1/22/09

Okay, I just got out of the jogging class and here are my thoughts: WTF!!

The teacher had us start the class with a little bit of stretching and then we went out to the track and did 200 meters of lunges. WTF is that about!? This is the second day of actual work outs. Never, not on any team I have ever been on, did I have to do 200 meters of lunges. Okay, really I don't mind. It is hard and most of the students' form was not very good but what I am used to doing is several sets of 10 to 15 yards. I think that would much more reasonable but I am a student in the class, not a teacher.

After the torture of the lunges we did some running. I don't know how long we were supposed to run. I ran 6 laps. I felt slow at the start (could it be the lunges?) and at 4 laps my legs felt really heavy so I stopped and drank some water. In the fifth lap I started to loosen up and I felt really good. I had a very strong sixth lap and while I was doing the sixth lap the class went to field in the center of the track and began doing stretching. We ended the class with about twenty minutes of stretching and a few minutes in Yoga's corpse pose. I felt like my pace overall was faster than on Tuesday but I also didn't run as far. If I run in a 5K this weekend (I am actually planning on this), I think that I would have to keep my pace somewhat slower to be able to finish. I think that pushing myself right now I could run a 24 min 5K but I feel like starting out with a 30 min pace will be better and then deciding if I want to speed things up after half way. Truthfully, I just don't think I have the lungs for a 24 min time at that distance right now.

It feels good to breath. My legs are responding to the work outs already. I feel a greater fullness in my quads and in my lower abs. I know that that sounds funny but I have enough experience working out to be aware of those things – that, and the fact that it is my own body I am talking about.

Alright, I have to run now (pun intended). I have to do some work for Portuguese.


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