Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Running Journal

Well, I don't really want to be doing this running journal right now. I just got done running. It is raining today so we didn't go outside to run. I really like having this class. I know that last time I complained about the lunges but even after that I did a pretty heavy leg workout with the weights on Friday. I am really enjoying the part of this jogging class that is not jogging. We do some strengthening exercises every class and we have done some basic Yoga stretches each time as well. I really like it. Today we stayed in and ran around the basketball court. We did one lap and then stairs followed by two laps and stairs, three laps and stairs, etc. – for 15 minutes or so. I started out with a pretty fast pace and I think that I was working on the nine laps set when we finished. I felt strong, fast, and healthy today. Since the New Year I have had very little soda to drink. It wasn't really a resolution; I think that it may have been a resolution that B. made. I really have no idea. If it was I don't know how she is doing with it either. So… not much soda (not much sugar, period), plain oats and milk everyday for breakfast, lots of workouts, lots of protein…. I think that I will be looking good for summer. I also think that I will be running a sub-24 minute 5K before the end the semester. We will see. I went to run a 5K race this weekend but I was confused about the start time and the location and I ended up missing it. I go there right after the runners started. I was able to see the leaders at the 2 mile mark and, truthfully, I think that I could have been there with them. The leaders' times at 2 miles was about 13 minutes. Anyway, that gives me a lot of confidence. We will see where I am and how humbled I am after I actually show up to run on time. Really, I am not trying to sound boastful.

So, today was a good run – good breathing, good sweat, and my legs and chest felt pretty solid today. And the weather indoors was pretty nice.


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