Thursday, February 26, 2009

Running Journal

Okay, I know that I just made one of these entries this morning. This is not a repeat. This actually is a new entry.

Two hours after saying that this class isn't a challenge for me, it kicked my butt. On Tuesday, the teacher told us that we were running for a distance – two times around the grassy area that goes along the train tracks on the south side of campus. I asked her if I could run on the track today so that I could measure my run and she said that we are running for time, 20 min, not distance.

Okay. So that is what I did. I went out and ran four times around the designated area. I can safely say that I ran the furthest in the class. It was a good run, too. I really felt my lower back from the dead lifts yesterday. I was sweating from every part of my body. Just guessing from how I felt, I would say that I went more than 2 miles but definitely not close to 3 miles. I was running at a pace that I know that I can maintain for long distances and I only ran 20 minutes. I am okay with that, but I think that I would have a really hard time speeding things up. I want to get faster, so I am just going to have to start out at a faster pace and see how I do OR I could just do a day of speed work. I don't think that a speed work out would work though because the teacher wants us all engaged in the same activity. We will see.

After the running, we went inside and did some stretching. I am really, REALLY glad that we did the stretching – more because of yesterday's workout than from the run today. The run was good for warming things up but it also tightens up the same areas that I worked yesterday (the lower back) and the stretching felt so good there.

Tuesday we have a mid-term in there. :(


  1. I measured the area that we ran today (using this site: and each lap is just over 1/2 a mile (.56 miles) so I was pretty close in my estimation of the distance that I ran. All in all it was 2 and 1/4 miles today.