Thursday, February 12, 2009

Running Journal

This is for this Tuesday. I know that this is a late entry….

I went to the Dr. Tuesday morning. I was feeling some pain in my lungs and I had been coughing up some phlegm that morning. Well, the Dr. gave me a Z-pack for a sinus/ear infection. He didn't hear anything in my lungs. I still felt the pain there, but I went to my running class anyway.

More than anything else, I felt tired while running. It was difficult. We ran indoors because of rain. Same as before, a lap, stairs, two laps, stairs, three…. You get the idea.

Afterwards we did stretching and pushups and that sort of stuff. I still felt sick, but the worst was yet to come. Tuesday night, that pain and congestion that I felt in my lungs turned into major pain – just like the movie. I was really coughing a lot. Still it was a shallow cough (just like the one that pneumonia causes?) and it wasn't moving much phlegm.

Wednesday rolls around and I still don't feel great, still mostly tired and really cranky at this point. I went to work, that was fine. After work I went to the gym, minus one of the people I work out with – he was home sick. Hmm, what a novel idea – take a break when you are sick…. Where was I when that idea got passed around? Still, I was careful in the gym. There are hand sanitizer-things galore there and even though I normally don't have any faith in those things ('cause I think that they actually make the bugs worse in the long run – just like over-using antibiotics does), well, I used plenty of it anyway. And I sprayed off all the equipment that I used with disinfectant spray. So, at least I am trying to take care of other people who work out there.

I was weak in the gym. I worked out for an hour. It was a good workout because we were missing one person from the rotation. Actually, working out with three people generally means that the resting periods between sets are too long anyway, so that was a good thing… for the healthy person that was there with me.

I came straight home from the gym and on the way home I started to feel really sick. I mean dizzy, stupid; by the time I got home I was burning with a fever. BURNING. A couple of ibuprophen helped a LOT.

I didn't go to school today. Okay, actually I did go to school today. I didn't have to teach today but I had a running class and Portuguese. I didn't go to my classes today but I had to go to campus because I forgot my meds in my desk at work. So, I went in to get today's dose. Then I returned home.

I feel somewhat better – I am back to where I was when I thought that going to the doctor's office was a good idea in the first place. Somehow, I still thought that working out was good idea when I came out of the doctor's office – so tomorrow, I am back at it. (I just really hope that I miraculously heal all the way tonight).



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