Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Running Journal

Okay, it is not right after class this time. It has been several hours. Today, we started with the same slow lap, stretching, and then a 20 minute run. I lost count of the laps – 10 or 11. I don't think I got to 12. I wasn't running that fast. I felt good. My lungs and stomach (abs) were with me the whole way and I was able to go faster overall I think. Still, I don't think that I did 12 laps. No.

My right leg felt heavy at the end and I felt a slight twinge behind my left knee afterwards – in the ligament – but it is a normal feeling, nothing to worry about. I have had classes all day. I am actually in a class right now. My stomach is killing me. I didn't eat lunch and now the work out is really taking its toll on me. This is due to the lack of food. I can't work out and then not eat. I feel a real need to eat something. I am shaking a little. I really feel sick. It goes far beyond hunger at this point. What I am feeling has to do with the consumption of available carbs and proteins that just fasting doesn't really achieve. I feel weak, not just hungry. I need to raise my blood sugar and consume something with protein.

But the run was good. The wind was really cold today but the additional five minutes didn't affect me at all.


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