Sunday, February 1, 2009


I need to prepare lessons for tomorrow. I need to read. I need to study Portuguese. I watched the Super Bowl. I am not a sports fan and I am not a sports commentator. I am a good procrastinator and I am a big play-offs fan. Tonight, I think that I made the right choice. I am really, REALLY unhappy with the outcome of the game, but I think that the Cardinals proved a lot to a lot of people. Santonio Holmes had a great game winning drive, but I think that the real story of this Super Bowl was the defense on both sides of the ball. The interception by the Steelers is what made this a game. Other than that, it was the Cardinals the whole time. The Cardinals stopped the Steelers during the whole game. The only touch down pass that the Steelers had was in the fourth quarter. I really think that the story of the game was the defense.
That is all that I have to say about that. I know that this is going to be in the papers/on the Internet/on the television tomorrow. If you want to get more about this, well, you know where to look.


  1. It is a hollow victory, the Steelers are a team of dirty players who have no class. I could not even bare to watch the trophy presentation. At least two of their players should have been tossed from the game in the 4th.

  2. I like how you didn't say "I needed to watch the super bowl"