Thursday, February 26, 2009

Running Journal

It has been a while since I wrote a Running Journal. Let me try to get caught up.

Today is Thursday. I will be running today but not for about two more hours. The last one of these journal entries that I made was on the 12th – a Thursday two weeks ago. I didn't run on the twelfth, but on the 16th I did show up and work out. It was raining that day and we stayed inside doing a variety of ten minute workouts – jumping rope, pushups, abs work, and lunges. I did like 120 lunges – six lengths of the basketball court. Let me make just one comment on the jumping rope – I have done that a lot in the past. I don't claim to be the best, but at least I know what I am doing. A lot of people don't know how to jump rope. I say that as a simple matter of observation. There were a lot of arm flappers in there trying to jump rope. To all the readers out there who don't know, when you jump rope your arms really shouldn't move much at all. All the spinning should come from the wrists and the bouncing. Nobody should look like they are trying to fly away when they jump rope. Doing the pushups was really difficult for me. I did a really hard chest workout in the gym the day before (I worked out with 245 on the bench on Monday). I didn't feel like doing any pushups that day.

I actually went back to the doctor that Tuesday afternoon because I didn't feel totally recovered from the sickness the week before. I didn't know that the five day antibiotic that they gave me actually takes ten days to work but the nurse prescribed me a pulmonary steroid anyway. I don't know if it helped at all. I didn't feel much difference but I feel better now so I guess that that is the important thing.

On Thursday the 19th I didn't go to my running class because I was busy reading and I just didn't get out of here fast enough. Right now I can't think what I was actually working on; all I know is that I didn't go to the running class.

This past Tuesday, I went and the class went outside to run along the train tracks. It was an interesting change but I worry that somebody might sprain an ankle. I don't have much to comment on about Tuesday. I don't feel challenged in this class right now. I prefer track running for a specific time because then I can try to go further in the same amount of time. The running along the train tracks means that we all run the same distance and I can do it in the same amount of time as most of the students without even working. Today we are going to run the train tracks again but I might ask the teacher if I can stay and run on the track so that I can measure the distance (and probably go further than the train track running).

Even though this is a Running Journal, I want to put something in here about my workouts in the gym on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I lift weights those days. Monday is a chest, triceps, and anterior deltoids day. Wednesday is biceps, back, and posterior delts. Friday is mostly just legs. Yesterday, I had one of the best back workouts I have ever done. I was WIPED OUT afterwards. I was lifting some heavy weight and I felt really good. I was there for a little more than 90 min with my workout partner and we started with dead-lift. Normally, we start with pull-ups and then move on to more lat work. Anyway, sorry – I know that that is pretty boring stuff but I just want to say – I was stupid tired afterwards. I wasn't sleepy, I was just stupid. My brain didn't work. I had to grade papers but I don't think that I understood the words that I was looking at. It was a great workout. I feel everything today – my lower back especially, but also my lats feel really good today. Again, I felt really strong yesterday and lifted some heavy weight (for me).

Sorry about the boring post.



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