Friday, February 27, 2009

Ni bueno, ni malo

Today has been one of those days. Nothing particularly bad happened but I don't want days like this most of the time:
  • The day started at 3am with a loud thunder clap that woke up everybody in my house. It sounded like the house was struck by lightening. It was pretty scary and Rosco came into our room - not to protect us, but so that we would protect him. There was a hard, fast thunderstorm and by the time I was leaving for work the only things that were left of it were the puddles on our lawn.
  • The puddles... and the garbage. Fridays are trash day so and I had put the trash out on the curb the night before thinking that I was making life a little bit easier on whoever was the person who left first in the morning that way. Well, I was the first one out the door and so I had the honor of picking up wet garbage before I could be on my way to work. Yuck!
  • I was observed by my supervisor at work. This wasn't too bad, but the lesson that I had planned was not that great. I am/was a day ahead of where the syllabus puts us and what I had planned today was just a sort of free day/chapter review it was a super lax day today - not stuff that I really wanted to be supervised doing.
  • My main workout partner got to the gym about an hour late so I spent my legs day doing an extra chest workout with another guy who goes with us. That is fine, but I really would have preferred to spend that time on the legs. A good thing - I lifted 250 on the flat bench today. I was lifting 200 on flies. It was a good day for the chest. The bad thing - When Legs got there, I felt pretty weak. My back felt too tired to get heavy on the squats. I did get pretty heavy (400 lbs) on leg-press. It was just my back was not there for me today. The other bad thing was that the leg workout was cut pretty short (we only did two exercises) because Chest had to leave (I can't blame him - Legs was an hour late) and I had stuff at his apartment that I needed to get when he left.
  • Leaving the gym, a guy I see at the gym all the time asked if I had jumper cables, and I do. So I went and dropped Chest off and then went to the parking lot to jump my friend's battery. Even after I left Chest at his place, I forgot some stuff at his apartment and then the guy who needed a jump left his gym clothes and back pack in my truck. None of this is that bad, but it was all pretty frustrating.
  • At this point, I needed to come home. On the way home, I had to pee really bad. I was speeding; I am always speeding. This time I was speeding to get to a bathroom before my bladder exploded. Anyway, I got pulled over. When the officer came up to my window he seemed like he was in a really good mood when he said "I clocked you a little over," and I told him "I know, I have to pee really bad." He said, "I understand your situation. I will just give you a warning." That was so cool, but I still had to pee really bad! The cop brought my licence back with a warning for me to sign and I was back on the road. It was all faster than anybody has ever been stopped by a cop. Not something I want to happen everyday, but pretty cool anyway.
  • And, finally, today I got a link on "The New Gay" for something I blogged about.

So, that has been my day so far, but it is not over yet.

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