Saturday, February 7, 2009

It's a present....

The boy asked Mom for some crackers this morning. No big deal, right? Wrong.
She went and got them and as she was opening the package he says, "It's a present." He had been eating apples but when she handed him the crackers he said, "Beautiful crackers," walked over to his little table where the last pieces of apple were and said, "No more apples, hellooooo crackers!"
The "hello" there couldn't have been more romantic if you heard it in a nightclub, bar, anywhere.


  1. I wish you could've heard Gabe saying this. It was so freakin' cute and hiLARious. He has been so funny lately, cracking me up with comments like this. He has also added the word "beautiful" to his ever-increasing vocabulary, and EVERYTHING is beautiful... from the movie theater, "It's a beautiful numbers castle!" to the salt and pepper shakers at the Dairy Queen where we got ice cream tonight. I imagine all parents are amused by their children, but this is a fairly new (just the past 3 years) experience, I hope you will forgive us our tales.

  2. ooooooohhhhh! I miss that age of my kids.