Saturday, February 28, 2009

My Nightmare

I thinking that you can tell what your obsessions are by the things that show up in your dreams. I have previously discussed my haircut obsession, now let me tell you about last night's dream:

In it I was at my mom's house. Becky was there. I was sleeping on the floor and very uncomfortable. When I got up (in the dream) I decided to give myself a haircut. I didn't want it to go too short so I was using the scissors. This was really hard to do so I asked Becky to help me but somehow my mom convinced us to go where she gets her hair done. So with the haircut most of the way done, and done well, we are suddenly somehow in a salon and somebody else is sort of styling my hair (notice the alliteration). Anyway, I was almost done but now I had some woman cutting my hair and ruining my haircut - leaving everything uneven with some parts longer and some too short. I asked if I could just fix it and she wouldn't let me touch any of the clippers or scissors and when I tried her boss physically restrained me. It was terrible and I felt pretty panicky. AND they were charging me $81 for it (and that was their cheap price!).

I actually had a major, uncomfortable night-sweat last night and had to change my shirt and my pillow case; it was like I had a fever or something. I don't know if the physical reaction was a cause of the dream or if the dream was the cause of the reaction. It was weird. It was also the second time this week (second time in a very long time before this week as well) that I have had a pretty bad night-sweat. I don't know if it is from some of the vitamins that I take before bed or if I am just dealing with some sort of sickness. I did recently switch allergy medicines and I take that right before bed as well. One other possibility is that the sweating is insulin related. I don't know that much about that, but there is some diabetes in my family and I have seen how it makes those family members sweat - and I had a big bowl of ice cream right before bed. Really, I don't think that that is what I have, but it crossed my mind because I have seen it make other people sweat. Still, I don't think that the dream caused it because it wasn't the first time it happened but it was the first time I have ever had that dream. Hmmm.

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  1. Funny! I dreamed last week that I was out of the country & needed a haircut but wanted to wait til I could get back to my normal hairdresser, and then ended up in a salon with my ex-boyfriend's mother & they were going to charge me $250 for a cut I wasn't even sure they could actually accomplish!

    I still have your book...need to get it back to you!