Tuesday, February 3, 2009

About me:

I always cut my own hair. Usually at night. Sometimes it is really hard to get right. This time, I think I can live with it.
It is really hard to get totally right right now because I am actually trying to let it grow out on top but at the same time I get really uncomfortable if it isn't "clean cut." The last time that I cut it I felt like I faded the back too high. I did a better job this time but the sides are a lot longer so it makes it really hard to blend with just one hand. The top is about five inches in length and I faded it from a #2 extension (<1/4 inch) on the clippers. It is a low fade - which I think is harder, but it looks better. Note that low and high refer to the point on the head where the haircut is blended and not the length of the hair.
I know that a post like this really needs a picture... maybe I will put one up soon.


PS. This really needs a short addendum - When I say "totally right" I really mean TOTALLY. The number one reason that I do my own haircuts is because I think that I do a better job than what I pay for at the barber. I think that everybody has a little obsession (as in OCD) and this is definitely mine. If I say "I think that I can live with it" it means that it is a good haircut. I CAN'T live with jankety haircuts


  1. too bad you don't have curls...then you could hide all the imperfections

  2. I'm growing my hair a little cause my hair lady got it too short. I wish I could do something with it right now on my own. I don't want to pay her 40 bucks to cut it and have it get messed up before my trip!