Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Running Journal

It has been like a month since I last wrote one of these. On March 5 I ran 10 laps on the track in 20 min. The following week we had Spring Break. I didn't do anything running related over Spring Break. On March 17, after Spring Break, I ran 13 laps in under 25 min. (about 24?). It was a really good run. I think that a 7:30 pace is about where I am now – pushing but still able to go 3+ miles. I was definitely aware or my lower abs that day. On March 19 I missed class. I was taking care of some computer related problems at the house and I ended up on hold for almost an hour with Webroot Antivirus.

So that brings me more or less to today. Today we did something different in my jogging class. We ran a timed mile to get an idea of our pace. I ran a 6:26 mile. I wanted to run a 6 min pace and my laps were 87 sec, 95 sec, 104 sec, and 100 sec. I think that I can run four 90s in a row, but it will be hard. The hardest thing about today was tightness in my lower back. I did a back workout yesterday and I was EXTREMELY aware of the day after effects of doing dead lifts while I was running. Also, in lap 3 my legs began to feel heavy. Lap 4 my back was sore, my legs felt slow, and I was really feeling that lower abs nausea that happens from running fast. Overall, I would say that to speed up I need to do more short distance speed work. Sprinting, or fast running, is the only way to strengthen the lower abs, butt, hip flexors, lungs, and shin muscles that are all involved in fast running in ways that slower running does not work.

After the workout we did some stretching and that was that. Only one mile.

Ideally, I think that a workout like today's would start out the same exact way and then follow up with some one lap work where you have to run four single laps at a goal speed. In my case, I think that the one mile I did was fine but then I would like to follow that with one lap at a goal pace of 90 seconds, two to four minutes off, another lap at 90 seconds… etc. for four more laps followed up with a slow cool down or yoga.

My teacher seems to think that jogging or trotting is what the non-runners in the class need to do to improve, but if you are out there walking then you NEED to do speed work. Everybody in the class can benefit from the sort of workout that I have described. I mean, if you can't run a lap, or two laps – I mean, if you are walking out there, then all the speed workouts are going to be distance workouts for you as well.

Anyway, I need to go.


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  1. Hi Mike,
    Your journal this time was interesting, but sparse. I'll give you the 10pts though.
    Yes, speed laps could help, but I also would've liked to train on hills. A student today averaged a lot slower at Audubon because of the hills. I just couldn't find any around UofM.
    Have a good summer and maybe I'll run into you in a yoga class.