Monday, March 2, 2009

Monday's Music

Okay, this is a very late post. I have been busy today. I got started today at 3 am. I read about 130 pages in Don Quijote. I also prepared a class today (that worked great in one of my classes and TANKED in the other one - argh!).
Anyway, I am not anywhere near done with my day yet, but I remembered that I forgot this post today. The songs that I am putting here today are both part of the playlist that I listen to the most on my mp3 player. They are also both in French (as far as I know). I really love the sound, but I don't know French. So, I don't expect you to know the words - just sit back and listen. I hope you enjoy.

Africando - Aicha

Kate Ryan - Ella elle l'a

(I like this song a lot)


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  1. Wow!! It really looks like she enjoys her job! I don't know French but I am fluent in body language and I'm positive that she is telling us that flying high and being an azafata is intoxicating to her! If only we all could express ourselves so freely in the would be a different world indeed!

    The music was pretty good too.