Friday, March 13, 2009

New Do

Can you see it? This is the latest haircut. The long-ish hair got cut. This is actually the first time since July that I have cut the top. Personally, even though I look like I have a chia pet hair-do, I like this length a lot more. It is much more manageable, it dries (I never had experienced just how long it takes longer hair to dry and being here in the southern United States my hair was taking forever to get dry before I cut it), and really this is a hair style that I have a lot of experience with. So, if don't like, go f!*k yourself! (Careful now, don't take anything I say too seriously - you have to read a lot of sarcasm into my insults. I know that sarcasm is hard to transmit in writing, but I have faith in your ability to disregard everything I say that you don't like. Actually, I started going to a psychologist a couple of weeks ago to talk about... well, to talk about you mostly - go ahead, be vain, I am talking about YOU - and on the second visit the psychologist made the observation that I am, well, really sarcastic and a little, um, hostile maybe. Her observations were in the context of my being somewhat (perhaps overly) protective and she views these as avoidance tactics or something and rather than judging she was concerned that the sarcasm, projection, deflection, and hostility could be difficult obstacles to deal with in a counseling context. Anyway, my point of sharing all this is - F!*k you. Okay, sorry - really, even if you are not laughing reading this, I am cracking up writing it!)
Anyway, here are the photos of the emperor's new do:

This is my sarcastic face--

This is my hostile face--

And this is my regular, ugly face--
I couldn't get a good photo of myself smiling so there you go.


  1. I heard a man in the front lobby of my school today use part of that phrase... well, the "f@#k" part... like salt on french fries! I didn't like it then, but you, my dear, are effing hilARious!

  2. Ha ha! You're so sarcastic, so hostile, and so ugly!