Monday, May 18, 2009

Weekend Photos

Friday, after blogging my intention to go for a run and then work in the garden, I didn't really end up doing anything. I spent a lot of time on the phone with AT&T and with Bank of America and didn't really accomplish anything at all. I blogged. I looked at other blogs. I will explain the rest of it with the photos.

I showered, watered this plant, and took a photo of the flower it made. Then I went down to see if my sister needed any help in the garden - her ongoing project that hasn't really gone very far. She was busy with other things and the house was full of other people's kids and she had people coming over for an early dinner and hanging out and the post office was closing and the letter should have been sent and why wasn't the letter sent and the letter should have been sent and "Bro, take this to the post office. It needs to be post marked by today."
So I went to the post office - a couple mile walk.

I like the buildings here. This was on the way to the post office.
Nice color. Nice hair. Both could be on the beach in Costa Rica or some place like that - in fact, I think that I took pictures of similar vendors last year. This was just around the corner from the post office.
I liked the light and the quietness of the image. I thought that keeping the fence in the photo added something to it.
But I like this photo still more.
Late afternoon sun. Looking up.
I was back from the post office here. I found my niece staring out her front gate in her front "yard" - is this getting her ready for prison?
Here is a peanut on the ground.
The ants go marching - all in a row.
This is in Ari's garden. I helped her prune the roses and in so doing was somewhat marginalized by her friend, Fredrick, as her manual laborer/gardener brother. None of these are plants that are actually being cultivated in the garden. All the little green leaves say "I love you!" There are so many little hearts in this photo. :)
Not exactly Morels, but still a good picture.
The night was coming on, Ari and her friends were busy working on dinner and discussing what private high school to send their three to five year old children to, and I was noticing the particular quality of blue of the evening sky.
"Take a photo of me, Bro."
It got dark. We all came inside. Fredrick ("Oh, I thought you were just a gardener" when he learned that I am a grad student and that I teach at a university), my sister, her friend Jen (teaches Yoga at a private school that costs $24K/year for kindergarten; she also coaches varsity track but I think that it should just be called track because there is no junior varsity track team at the school).
I thought that I would include a photo of me here. I hope that this photo speaks for itself.

This next set of photos is from Saturday. It was a foggy day. It rained all that night but not really that much at all during the day but it was foggy all day. This is a photo looking toward downtown Manhattan.

This is where we park the rented Penske truck at night. You can see what happens to the trucks that stay there all the time.

This was in front of a place we were working.
On the freeway, coming back to Brooklyn after a move. I liked the way that the skyscrapers disappeared into the clouds. I like the way that the upward pattern of the headstones seems to repeat itself in the buildings - sort of eery.

Finally, this is a photo that I took today. My sister is smiling, my niece is making a monkey face for the camera, the pink of the flowers ties into the pink of the stroller and the red of the sweater. But.... BUT, the real purpose of this God-awful photo is to show the winter jacket and the sweater. AAARGH! My sister told me that it would be warm here. She specifically told me to bring lots of shorts and T-shirts. I am freezing my ass off here!!


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