Friday, May 15, 2009

Reflections on NY

Well, I am still sort of tired today. I think that I will go for a run and then see if my sister needs help in her garden but for now, here are some photos and commentary of what I am seeing and doing in NYC.

Okay, this is actually the only photo that I took yesterday. That is the main reason that I am including it here. This is Cody. I have worked a few days with him. He is very hairy, and not a bad guy.

Most of the rest of these photos were taken at two corners in New York, one where I was working and one where I was waiting in the truck for Alon while he was in the police department filing a report because his brief case/bag was stolen out of the front of the truck on Wednesday while we were working. He lost several sets of keys, his wallet, contracts.... What a headache! What an expensive headache!

This photo was taken while waiting in China Town for Alon while he was in the PD. The reflection was great but the car started to move right when I took the photo so it doesn't show up very well. Also in China Town. I like the shiny tinsel that is hanging from the wires. It was all over. I am guessing that it is left over from the Chinese New Year celebration. Really, I don't know.

I like the contrast in this photo at the end of the street where the red building is reflecting a lot of light while the other buildings are in the shade. If you click on the photo you can see that the street sign is in English and Chinese.

I just liked all the angles.

This was taken in traffic. If you click on the photo you can see that all magazines or DVDs or whatever they are that the guys are standing in front of are all porn. Just to the left of the photo there was a lot more of the same stuff. And a ton of really thug-ish looking guys hanging out. If you look at the reflection you can see the front of the moving truck.

I just liked the red against the white against the blue - somewhat patriotic perhaps. The photo didn't do it justice.

Alon (my brother-in-law, the owner, the foreman, the guy who does too much...), Cody (the hairiest one), Dennis (the one with the Guns-N-Roses shirt, "I have a PhD in moving", brags about how he has worked for 30 different moving companies - as if that sort of failure to keep a steady job is a point in his favor. I think, so you can move stuff but the real issue is that you quit or get fired a lot - not somebody I would hire. He quit on Thursday.), and T - with the bandanna. T doesn't care "as long as it has a vagina." He cannot work if he sees a girl - he just stops and follows them around corners, yells stuff (like "hot, wet pussy") at them. T has no class, and he is a paid "laborer." Oh, well. This is what I work with. Poor Alon. I feel for him.

I just like all the layers. This is where I was working Wednesday and Thursday.

I liked this reflection with the shirts. I like that all of it is in focus.

So, there you have it. I will write more about my days perhaps. I don't know. I like this photos and commentary for now.

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  1. I like the photos of the buildings. The repetition of line and the diagonals make the shots really fun. I also liked the red, white, and blue. I imagine that the colors became more subtle than they appeared in person.