Sunday, May 10, 2009

Cell phone blogging

Well, I am in New York. If all goes well I will be here for about8 weeks or so. Right this second I don't really feel like blogging so this will be short but what I really want to put in here is this: I don't have Internet on my computer. I have it on the HTC Touch Pro (my phone), so I can update and read comments and check your blog - but I am pretty limited when it comes to posting pictures and video and length is limiting on the phone keyboard.
I will look into other options and I hope to post more updates and photos but this is what I know right now.


  1. Should have told someone you were leaving. We would have come by. There may be some noticeable distance now in our relationship, but it does matter. We are adults now, who can overcome history and communicate if we feel. Blog often, I will respond. Jason