Thursday, May 21, 2009

Approaching one in the morning

It is approaching 1AM and I am still awake. I feel okay being awake but I need to sleep if I am going to function well in the morning. I just want to record a few things from the day.

  1. Second hand smoke or second hand toke? You be the judge – which is worse? As for me, I don't like either one but I would say that I can take the second hand smoke with a lot more patience than the second hand toke. Today, I got to deal with both of them during a significant portion of my work day. You know the thing that I think I like the least about this job? –Getting home and smelling like an ashtray. I will leave this point at this to spare the offenders any retribution via my blog – the company owner is a reader and she might not like this point.
  2. What, did you just have a lot of energy to burn? My sister asked me this question after my run. I ran from her home in Brooklyn across the Brooklyn Bridge and back. She says that the most direct path is 4.2 miles but I know that I didn't take the most direct path. I got a little lost on my way to the bridge. I ran for 45 to 48 minutes. I would estimate that I went close to 5 miles just from how it felt. It was a good run. I ran to stay in shape, to not lose that stomach, and to get a workout in. There is a big difference between the sort of workout that I get at work here – one that wears me down – and the sort of workout that builds a better body. My New Year's Resolution involved a lot of running – I don't plan on letting this trip to New York frustrate the progress that I am making toward that goal. As far as energy is concerned – I didn't eat lunch until 5pm today; I had no extra energy.
  3. How do you open that door? I went to the grocery store for my sister and her family and I had to take the bus home. I didn't know how to open the door to leave the bus. The doors are passenger operated so I totally missed my stop. I walked a lot with all those groceries.
  4. Oh, and after all that I watched Burn After Reading. I didn't like it. The men are sexy, big name actors but the movie was sort of pointless.

I might write more about all this later. The bus sucks, the run was beautiful, and the work is a little bit painful. I better get to sleep or I will really be in pain tomorrow.



  1. I don't know how to open those doors. I am a walker and think you should walk or run everywhere. I don't parallel park either because I get too flustered with everyone watching I drive far away and park...and then end up walking. Make it a goal to walk are already running miles at a time...what's a walk??

  2. I didnt like Burn after reading either. And the smoke. It makes me sick, literally, bronchital. J just told his agent he will never take a gig where there is smoking allowed in the club. Over the course of the last 6 months of gigs, he got really sick from singing and playing in smoke filled places. he's still healing from it. Its horrible.