Monday, May 11, 2009


Well, today was my first day of work here in NYC. I am exhausted. My feet hurt. My back and arms are tired. I am enjoying myself though. I have slept well enough - maybe it is because I am in my own bed- not MY bed, but alone in a bed. It is easier to sleep. Oh, well. I miss Becky and I really miss Gabe.I miss a few other people but I am getting to know my nieces better and I am getting to know my sister and brother-in-law better.
Today at work I spent about 9 hours moving a woman's stuff. There was a lot of going up and down. Lots of flights of stairs, some elevators, some ramps. It is really tiring.
Here are some photos. I guess that I will try to keep up with this.

This is the sidewalk outside of the apartment I am staying in here in New York. I took this with my phone. I am really pleased with this little phone of mine. Here is a different view of the same sidewalk. You can see my sister and my niece. You can see a lot of those things from the photo above this one if you look closely.
Sister. Niece.
This is the view from the window in where I am staying. I like it.
This is a four story apartment. This is a view from just outside the room that I am staying in. Those stairs are tiring at the end of the day. Like today - today, I really didn't feel like going up those stairs.

Still, no real impressions of "the city" but I do have this to say - I have travelled a lot. I have been a lot of places. This place feels more like a Latin American city than any city I have been to in the United States. The buildings go all the way to the sidewalks. Well, I guess that that is my impression of the city - but it is still too early to tell and I am willing to have other impressions in the future still.



  1. Helicopters...toss them in the air when they turn brown...they will twirl in circles as they come a helicopter. Cool view! I could live almost anywhere...

  2. Mike, how can I get in touch with you? Frankie P 908-205-1181

  3. ¿Qué falté? ¿Qué usted está haciendo en Nueva York? Vi fotografias de Charlie en el blog de su hermana. Parece que le va bien.