Saturday, April 4, 2009

Just a little tattoo

Yeah, so, um....
I don't really have anything against tattoos. I don't have any, but hey - do what you want, right? But this? Um, this I don't get. Especially the first one.
Tattoos fade, skin loses firmness over time; how in the heck do you deal with a tattoo this big as you age? How do you maintain it? I just like sun tanning too much to ever want to deal with that.
One song that I really like is Forever Young by Alphaville. No - I love it. I want it to come true in my life. I don't really want to 'grow old together' with anybody; I don't want to grow old. I would love to be "forever young" but it is one of those wishes that I don't mind never seeing come true.
People see it as an art. Maybe it is like an ice sculpture - you expect it to start melting eventually. Just this you get to wear when it melts.


  1. Bummer. What if you gain weight???

  2. Sorry. I can't just say whatever to tattooing. Somethings just aren't right. Especially since everybody ages. Dad

  3. i love tattoos, especially the full back variety--it's like your own private idaho right there under your shirt. who do you show? who knows? I've wanted to get a blue band tattooed around my waste, just about the belly button. The whole idea is that your body changes and that line changes with it in a way you would notice far more than the gradual change of the waist line. embrace change. recognize it. honor it. tattoos let you do that, and they're a memento of who you were, and in a sense who you still are, even after everything else has changed.