Thursday, April 30, 2009


"the thing that makes a successful blog is consistency, not creativity or
I really do believe that quote. My sister's blog is "a plain Jane's mundane harangue", my wife's is "Beck's Blahg" [I helped with the name - I mean, I am just saying... in case anybody else out there needs help with a blog name - now you know, I do that. And Eve, I still think EVE-ILL is your best bet, that is if you want it to reflect the real you ;)], and my blog is full of maundering. It is all mundane, maundering blah - there is no other meaning to any of it than what the name indicates.

The point is just to keep going forward with it everyday. At those times that forward feels too hard the other option is to just keep going; to be here - to stick to it. Here. Forward. Whatever. Just by keeping at it you somehow keep movin' down the road. Success in blogging really isn't being the greatest blog in the entire galaxy (although it doesn't hurt).

Now, my sister is considering leaving blogging forever - so, please, do the world a favor and leave her a comment encouraging her to keep her vitriolic mind spew alive.