Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Running Journal

I don't really want to write much about this. I ran 10 miles this morning on the treadmill at the gym. I was there for about 85 min and that time includes a couple of breaks to get water. I felt good. There was the usual tightness early on. The first mile and a half was painful. My lower back took a while to loosen up. I felt the best from mile 3 to about mile 6.5. The last 3.5 miles were difficult. Later in the day, I felt totally worn out from it. I have a 10-mile race this Sunday and I wanted to at least understand the sort of pain that is involved in a run of that distance. I think that this weekend's race will be easier as a result of the run this morning – mostly because I know better what the last 3.5 miles will feel like now. On Thursday, I will run again, but only about 3 to 4 miles – so it will be an easy workout. J

In other workout news – I benched 255 lbs on the flat bench yesterday. I felt really good and I think that next week I will probably be able to lift 275 lbs. I will try. It is not a personal best for me, but I feel good about it. It feels good. Also, I bought an ab-wheel to start working out the abs again. Already, it is kicking my butt (or maybe it is kicking my belly).


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  1. Good job, Maunderer!!
    You will do well on Sunday; don't even think otherwise.