Friday, June 5, 2009

My Students’ Comments

At the end of each semester, students at the University are encouraged to take part in teacher evaluations. The evaluation results are confidential and mostly presented in a numerical format but there is a section for comments. Here are all the comments that I received from the over 60 students that I taught this semester. It is possible that up to three comments (one in each column) are from one student.

You can read all this for yourself. How seriously should I take this sort of thing? The vast majority of students don't leave comments – only the really happy and the really unhappy – and in statistical analysis it is common to drop the highest and the lowest values because they don't represent the mean. Using that logic, I think that I should just ignore all these comments.

Positive characteristics or strengths of the course/instructor

Criticisms concerning the course/instructor

Additional comments and suggestions


The Vistas program sucks. It counts simple spelling mistakes wrong. I can`t spell in English, How am I supposed to know how to spell in Spanish?

I always felt like I was being picked on whenever He called on me and I got the answer wrong.

really cared about the class, very envolving, good graduate teacher, best one I`ve had here

Don`t think he should get so peaved when some of his students are acting like idiots, I`d just tell them to leave

keep it up, would take 1020 from him if he taught it

The class was very interesting because I never knew what way the instructor would incorporate learing a new language. I enjoyed the variety he offer.


Great professor! He was always willing to help and never made the students feel as if they could not succeed in his course. Provided extra credit and great lesson plans on a daily basis. I was never bored in his class. I wish all of my professors were like him.


a pompous prick! more concerned with showing he knew spanish than teaching the class. he should be a tutor not an instructor!


Obviously knowledgeable but not very prepared. First day, he had ever even opened the book. Scary.

Not very prepared for class until the last few weeks of the semester. Gave quizzes but a few were never returned.


Very good instructor. He presented the material well and supplemented the material with helpful extras. Made the course much more interesting.


Hmmm. What do you think?


  1. I think you can be happy with those comments. sounds like you did a great job.

  2. I also think you did a great job! Yo estoy aprendiendo inglés en este momento. No tomé ningún curso pero estoy leyendo por mi cuenta, leí "The lord of the flies" y ahora estoy leyendo "The Catcher in the Rye". Leer tu blog también me ayuda para aprender el idioma. De modo que te agradezco. ¿Qué libro me recomendarías -que no sea muy difícil y que sea, además interesante- para leer en inglés?


  3. To both of you, thank you.

    Desarmándonos - el primer libro que yo leí en español fue Juan Salvador Gaviota de Richard Bach. Es un libro que fue escrito en inglés primero bajo el título Jonathan Livingston Seagull y luego traducido al español. Antes de leer este libro, yo nunca había visto palabras como chapotear, aletear, graznar, etc. Si quiere leer Jonathan Livingston Seagull, yo lo recomiendo (además, ¡es súper breve!). Otra idea (y la razón por la cual yo leí Juan Salvador Gaviota) – busque un libro ya conoce, que ya ha leído (como 100 años de soledad por ejemplo – la traducción en inglés es muy buena). El conocimiento previo de la historia facilitará el entendimiento del nuevo idioma.
    ¡Gracias por leer!