Friday, June 19, 2009


So, I am going to try something different with my Music Post. Perhaps most obvious is that it is not Monday, or maybe it is more noteworthy that I am doing this at all (after my long hiatus here).

Really, there is a lot of music that I like, and that I would like to share, but two obstacles that I was struggling with were, first, I really listen to a lot of the same stuff over and over again (all the time) so continuing to find new music or different genres of music is a challenge and, second, I really can't always find the stuff that I want to share on or other video hosting sites, or when I actually do find videos that I want I can't always embed them.

This brings me to the something different that I want to experiment with - I am putting a downloadable link of music from my own computer rather than a music video. If this is offensive to anyone, let me know - I will try to be both responsive and responsible in handling any complaints about the sharing of music via the Internet.

To listen to the song, you have to open or download it. I know that this works though Mozilla FireFox but I don't know if it will download through Internet Explorer. Leave a comment and let me know how or if it works for you. If readers of my blog actually want to know HOW I am doing this, perhaps I will explain it in a different post. To those who are timid about clicking on a link, these are virus-free downloads. Now you can add my play list to your play list. :)

All I really have to say about these songs is that I like them. I especially like the second song. Both of these are The Gypsy Kings.

The Gypsy Kings - Quiero Saber
Download as MP3

The Gypsy Kings - Montana
Download as MP3

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