Friday, June 5, 2009

Caring Adult

Last night: dinner. Today: to school and back.

  1. Last night I helped with dinner. Alon made steak. I had bought some plantains and some yuca (not yucca) at the store earlier that day so I offered to make the yuca as a side for the meal. Yuca is a root and in that way it is similar to a potato but it takes a little more work to prepare because it has a thicker, almost barky skin instead of the thin peal that potatoes have. Additionally, it has to be boiled for a little longer than a potato. Other than that, yuca is very easy to prepare – all you have to do is boil it. There are other ways to prepare it, of course, but this is what I prefer. I like the fact that it has a somewhat buttery flavor without having to add any butter at all. I prefer it with well sautéed onions. It is good as a side just like that or it can be served with a fried egg or with fried cheese and eaten as the central part of a meal.

  2. Here you have the yuca in the foreground and the onions still on the heat.

  3. Sorry about not providing a before photo. I was mostly done eating when I took this photo but it should give you some idea of dinner last night.

  4. This morning was some sort of Caring Adult day at Nola's school. I guess that that means that the kids are allowed to bring an adult to the first hour of school with them. I also think that this sort of day is designed to open the door for kids who don't have parents that can go with them for whatever reason. Nola and I were the first people there. There were a lot of different stations – the kids could write a poem, read, or do other reading/writing activities. A lot of adults showed up.

  5. I took this panoramic photo. It doesn't really show much.

  6. Here is the poem (prose) that Nola wrote. It is about her little stuffed dog. That is the dog with the black face and brown legs. It likes to jump over red slides. Nola put herself in the top of the picture as well.

  7. While Nola was in school, I watched a bootleg copy of the movie Up! on my computer (at I liked it. I got pretty emotional a few times during the movie. I also spent a lot of time looking at I like the fact that wordpress blog posts show how many comments they have in the feed on Google Reader. I don't know if I am really willing to switch over to wordpress (I have a lot of posts here in blogger), but there are several things about it that I like more than blogger (easier image uploading, the comments in the feed, the fact that it takes care of its own statistics without having to go to or any other similar site. I am sure that there are other advantages as well, but that isn't really what this post is about – but if I start a new blog in the future, I will probably go to wordpress). After school, I went and picked up Nola and a friend of hers from school. It was raining and I was really tired (I should have napped today). I stepped into a corner store to get a Coke and the girls held my umbrella. It was pretty heavy for them so they sank to the ground with it.

  8. For the first part of their play date, they were all hypnotized by Disney. Yay!

I am a caring adult. Now you know.



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  1. It does sound like you are a caring adult! Great blog, too. I have never eaten yuca, not once. It sounds interesting. Only tried plaintain once, as well, and we probably cooked it wrong. Nola is also very cute!