Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Chocolate Room and other stuff

Well, unlike some of the posts like this that I have done in the past this one is arranged starting with the most recent photo and ending with the oldest one of the set. In this group of photos, I have some photos of roses (right now the roses here are all in bloom and looking amazing), little girls (looking cuter than ever), a block party at the local school, and a Chocolate Room.

  1. I was on the phone with Becky when I walked past these purple roses. It had rained earlier that day. I worked and it rained on our way to the job. The people that Alon and I moved had a heater on in their apartment and between the heat, the humidity, and the heavy lifting I was sweating like an animal. Later, I got rained on by a really heavy shower on my way home from work. Anyway, this was later than all that but there was still water on the petals and I thought that it looked really beautiful. I called Becky right back after taking these photos.

  2. This is The Chocolate Room. How could I resist? I was walking out to find post cards to send to people. Ari said that because of the rain, none of the street venders would be out. I guess that you can buy lots of really cheap post cards from people selling them on the street. Anyway, I was walking, I saw this, I wasn't sure that I would find cheap post cards so I opted for some chocolate instead. This place was great. I sat in the back next to a big window. There is ivy and plum trees back there. It was nice and peaceful. I liked it. I like to walk and relax.

  3. I ordered some drinkable hot chocolate, dark, with homemade whipped cream on top. I was surprised by the small size of the cup (it is like a 6 oz cup) and I remarked to the sales person that it was pretty small. She consented but assured me that it is really thick chocolate. Can you see how thick it is? She gave me a cup of chocolate mud. This stuff was not really drinkable. Near the bottom, I literally had to eat it with a spoon because it was so thick. I think that this was a serious chocolate overload. It took me like an hour to get to the bottom of the cup. I just had to take my time with this chocolate and eat it nice and slow. I enjoyed it. Mmmmm – chocolate. Just thinking about it makes me want more. The other chocolate on the table is a sample of chocolate sorbet that they brought me when I sat down.

  4. This was lunch on Monday. Fried chicken and fried plantains – also known as fried deliciousness. The other things on the tray are pine apple chunks and a coke. I was pretty happy with this as well.

  5. I love the star here. This is one of my sister's roses.

  6. This photo was taken on Saturday. Nola got her face painted at a school block party on Friday and the next day she was still wearing her war paint.

  7. This was Friday at the block party. One of the most impressive things about this area, about NYC in general really, is the incredible diversity of the people here. It is hard to see in this photo because of the movement and many of the people's backs are to the camera but there are all kinds of people here – Asian, Black, Redheads, Muslims, Jews – all playing and working together. The block party was a big fund raising event and there was even an art auction of students' art work that appeared to be doing really well.

  8. Here is Nola. Hello, Nola.

  9. On the way to the block party, a woman who drives an ice cream truck that parks where Alon parks his work truck gave Talia an ice cream thing. This is part of the effect that it had on her – it is like her war paint.

  10. I don't know what you call this thing. It is some sort of ice cream thing but it is really drippy and pretty scary looking. I don't like it but Talia loved it. I tried to wipe her hand off with a bandana I had in my pocket and she freaked out. Talia is a head strong little girl – watch out, world, when this one grows up.

  11. Bye, bye Talia.

So, there is a small sample of recent happenings here. I have pretty much wasted a lot of time today. I am feeling pretty beat up after the last several days of work. I think that I need to take a nap, eat some pop corn or ice cream, or consume some other frivolous calories that will put some gas back in my tank. Tomorrow, I definitely need to go for a run. My abs and back could use some tightening and the frivolous calories don't help me with that at all.



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