Thursday, June 4, 2009

Different Colors

So, today I went for a walk. I woke up thinking that I would like to go for a run but I decided that if I run it is very hard to get photos and there are some things that I would like to take pictures of along the route that I have run a few times. I mean, I am talking about the Brooklyn Bridge, after all. As it turned out, I didn't cross the bridge. I just walked around Brooklyn. I went to the bank and I deposited some of my tip money so that Becky would have money in the account.

  1. This was the first thing that I took a photo of today. All these bottle tops were scattered on the sidewalk right around the corner from my sister's house. I was impressed by all the different colors – none of them are the same.

  2. This is another photo of different colors. This is something that I have seen a lot of here in New York. It is pretty easy to see who the nannies are. I commented to my sister about this and she said that a lot of people hire women from the West Indies who will work for less money as long as it is cash money (because they are not legal immigrants?).

  3. Just your neighborhood Trader Joe's. What a great building!

  4. What I was really trying to capture with this photo was the two pigeons.

  5. A little fountain.

  6. There are a lot of these street vendors but I didn't see any selling post cards. I will look again, I promise.

  7. I watched this squirrel climb the stairs. It saw me looking and ran off to the side and then took a minute to check me out.

Aside from my visit to the bank, I got a haircut and I bought a spare battery for my phone. It is a great phone but the battery life is not great. Oh, well. I like it a lot.



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  1. While I have spent some time in the Village and Manhatten, I have not been to Brooklyn. I am really looking forward to ambling around the area when Gabe and I arrive. That and spending time with you, of course!!
    Love the pics. Thanks, hon!