Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Right under our nose

Before 6am this morning:
I was up looking at lesson material for today's lesson. I suggested to Becky that she get up and do some work in the yard that she is planning on getting done today. It is a lot cooler out this time of day and it is supposed to rain today so I figured it was a good time to start. Gabe and Rosco both followed her out when she went out. Rosco peed in the grass and Gabe dropped his drawers and peed right off the edge of the porch.
I took him to the zoo a couple of days ago and he did something very similar. He was at the playground and I got a text message that made my phone beep. I looked down and when I looked back up he was standing in the middle of the playground hosing everything in sight.
I jumped up and grabbed him as other parents laughed at what he was doing. I guess it is funnier when it is somebody else's kid.

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