Monday, July 20, 2009

Goal tending

I ran the first of the Memphis Runners Track Club 2009 Road Race Series earlier this month on the 12th. I have another race to compete in on the 26th. This was my New Year's Resolution. I think that I am still on track with it, but I have a lot of work to do.
Tonight, I am making another goal - I am going to see if I can stay off of FaceBook for a week. Why is it that this seems like the more challenging resolution here? I can do it, right? It should be no problem, right?
Uff. Why am I blogging about being on FB too much? Why do I just replace one big time leech with another?
Pray for me.



  1. sometimes, I can actually stay off the computer for more than a few days. (although I do check my emails from my iphone, does that count?) I am on facebook once in a while. Not as often as some people!

  2. What a great goal. I can't believe how this can suck up time--after all here I am!!