Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Independence Day

I have felt a lot of writer's block here on the blog lately. I just don't know what to write about. I don't want to be too open and yet I don't want to be constantly censoring myself either. I had a smooth flight home. I got here and ate dinner at the neighbor's house and after that Becky, Gabe, and I as well as many of the neighborhood teenagers who hang out next door went to see the fireworks show in downtown Memphis on the riverfront. I was really happy to do this with Gabe. Last year, I was in Costa Rica last year for 4th of July. Two years ago, Gabe L-O-V-E-D the fireworks. I was so much fun seeing them with him then. I didn't want to miss the chance to spend this year with Gabe on the 4th. That was my whole reason for not staying in New York to see the biggest fireworks show in the country, but I was really disappointed with the lameness of Memphis' fireworks show. The whole thing lasted 15 minutes from start to finish. I was over before we could even settle comfortably into our seats on the curb (yeah – I was sitting in the gutter with my son). Here are a few photos. I didn't get many photos and the only camera I had with me was my phone.

Speaking of my phone – it broke while I was in New York. I went sleep about 2 am on the 28th of June. I use my phone as an alarm (it crows like a rooster in the morning to wake me up) and the battery was low so I plugged it in. I got up about 6:45 am and looked at the phone but it was not on. Nothing I could do would turn it on. I have a spare battery but even that didn't help anything. I took it to Sprint and they replaced it for free. Still, I was without a phone for about a week. I got it back on the 2nd of July. It is a good phone. It has a good camera. I am glad to have it back.

Finally, here are two videos from Gabe's first fireworks experience way back in 2007. He loved it. I liked the fireworks that we saw in 2007 a lot more than the ones that we went and watched this year. I was seriously disappointed this year. Maybe a part of what disappointed me was that Gabe wasn't as thrilled as he was two years ago. I guess that you just can't do a FIRST time more than once. I really like his spontaneous dancing at the start of Video 2 as well as his clapping at about 1:15 in Video 2.



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