Thursday, February 10, 2011

Snow in the Mid South

Already this year semester school has been cancelled about a half dozen times (even as I write that it seems like an exaggeration to me but I think that it is accurate). School was cancelled yesterday at 12:30 pm and it is closed today. Why, you may ask. What sort of catastrophe could cause the University to miss at least one day every week so far, you might wonder. Well, it has been terrible. It has been almost unbearable. Right now the entire city of Memphis has come near complete stand-still because there is so much snow outside. I mean it, folks, right now there are almost  two whole inches of snow outside. Seriously hide your kids, hide your wives, and hide your husbands, too it is end-of-times bad out there. I dont know how much more of this intermittent snowy weather I can take. If you dont hear from me, assume the worst. I am holed up and might perish if this weather doesnt improve.
Here are a few photos to illustrate just how terrible we have it here:

I know that some of those pictures might look beautiful, but dont be decieved it is really cold stuff. And those photos that look like fluffy cotton it is SNOW. Please, pray for me I am not made for this sort of horror.

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