Saturday, February 5, 2011

It is cold outside

I don’t really have anything to write about but I have been wanting to blog more. I moved into a new place – still in Memphis. I am only renting month to month because the owner of the house has it on the market to sell and she thinks that it could go pretty quickly. I guess she must be dealing with a different real estate market than the rest of us but for me the price is good and the house is really nice. It is a four bedroom place and I live here without roommates.

The weather has been really crazy here – typical of the region though, I guess, but right now it is cold enough to keep me indoors for the time being.

I am working as an adjunct professor at the U of M now instead of teaching as a graduate student. I also enrolled in a couple of linguistics classes for the semester – just for the heck of it. With these two classes I will have 18 hours of linguistics, which would theoretically allow me to teach linguistics at a junior college in addition to being able to teach Spanish.

Oh, well. I guess that that is about all for now.

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