Friday, August 14, 2009

Race Photos

Last Sunday's race photos finally made it online.
Here is just one. If you follow the link back, this is photo #115. I am in photos 113, 115, and 116.
This is the finish line of my first ever 5-mile race.
I finished 44th out of nearly 800 runners. My official time was 36:23 which is a 7:17 mile pace. I am satisfied with that time. You can check out the other pictures by clicking on this photo.
Since Sunday, I have not run this week. As I already stated in my blog, I was sick half the week. In addition to being sick, I had a lot of pain in my knee on Tuesday. I think that I hurt it getting into bed. I need to run.


  1. I am SO over racing. back in the day....I could never do it again. Good job!

  2. Dude, you look great. I love it when people motivate me to not be so fat.