Thursday, September 24, 2009

Running Journal

I am exhausted lately. I am just getting over being sick (or still getting over being sick) and school won't go away. I have a race this Sunday that I can't miss no matter how much I might want to. After missing a race to go to Germany (I have been working at uploading photos, but it is a time consuming process and unfortunately time is a resource that I don't have a lot of - but I promise to share some of that experience eventually) - anyway - after missing a race, I no longer qualify for the 'coveted road warrior' prize. Which is actually okay. I mean, this is my first time doing this. But there is another prize for people who compete in at least one race at every distance - which is something that I can still get (and still want to get for some reason). But that means that I need to do a lot of running that I am not doing. I have been a lot more dedicated to weight lifting since the semester began. I was dismayed by how skinny my upper body was becoming after a summer of running and so I have been working out in the gym a lot more. Yesterday I did a leg work out with a lot of heavy-ish squats and today I went to the gym to run on the treadmill. Last Thursday, about the time I got sick, I ran six miles on the treadmill. It took me about an hour and I felt okay-ish about the experience. So, today I wanted to go and run five or six miles.

I just couldn't do it. I ran a little less than three miles and then walked for about ten more minutes or so with a steep incline. I just couldn't run. After the gym, having to climb some stairs while walking back across campus was a painful chore. It was the squats.
But still, I don't think that it is unreasonable to work on strength and running as long as I can pay attention to my body, get adequate rest between workouts, and eat enough. I mean, there are people who do it.
So that is all that.

Nos vemos.

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